How to choose game capture card?

If you have been looking to capture your gameplay footage from a gaming console, then you need to spend some money on a good capture card. There is a vast variety of capture cards available in the market for you to select from, which can make it a tedious task to select one. A good capture card would let you capture the video signal in your desired quality, and enable you to edit your gameplay on computer and upload/stream videos, all within your desired budget.

Here we explain in detail, that what all factors you need to look for, in order to select the best game capture for yourself. They come in different price ranges, so you need to find the one that meets all your desired points within your budget.
The factors that one should consider:

The first and the foremost thing that you must consider is the supported image resolutions and the number of frames/second that a capture card is capable of recording – definitely you would want to record the videos and stream them live in high quality.
It is recommended to get a capture card that records in at least ‘Full HD’, that is 1080 pixels. If your budget allows, you may as well go for a capture card that lets you record in ‘Ultra HD’ or 4k. Here you’ll have to keep in mind that you use a good computer to render and edit your ultra HD videos.


Match your device and the capture card for compatibility. While picking a capture card, you must make sure that the capture card supports the input type for your recording device, or else all that money could just go waste. The most popular input that is used by some of the most popular gaming consoles like Xbox one, Xbox 360, Wii U, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4 is HDMI. While, older consoles like Nintendo 64 make use of component cables, and would require component video input feature.


Every capture card has a software included with it, which is dependent on the manufacturer. The user needs to make use of this software in order to record, edit or stream the video footage. Therefore, one must buy from well-established manufacturers who provide quality software with a host of functionalities such as streaming overlays, adding webcam over gameplay, and adding commentary.


The interface refers to the way your capture card connects to a computer . USB is the most known of all interfaces, as it is very easy to set up. PCle is another popular interface which can record videos without delays, but setting it up can be a bit more difficult. If you are using USB, then you need to make sure that your computer’s hardware is suitable for your capture card. If you have a USB3.0 capture card, but your computer doesn’t have a USB3.0 port, then buying it doesn’t make sense.

The above-stated points are the most basic things that one must keep in mind while buying a capture card for hieghtening their gaming experience.